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Produced with the assistance of the Albanian Association of Organic Agriculture.

Our extra virgin oil is produced from natural Kalinjot olives from the Skrofotina, Cerkovina and Trevllazer hills near Vlora and is harvested and processed in accordance with best manufacturing practices.

The qualitative and nutritional ingredients of this oil follow European standards.

Taste           -  Natural fruit, slightly bitter

Color           - Green to Yellow

Acidity         - 0,4 %

Aroma         - Intensive fresh fruit

Pressing      - Cold


Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Color - Yellow gold in light green.

Aroma – Olive oil with herbaceous aroma

Taste - Slightly bitter and spicy

Acidity - Not more than 0.4%


Capacity of export - Bio Olive Oil – 4-5 ton/month

Extra virgin olive oil, packed in dark glass bottle, weight 0.5l

Extra virgin olive oil, packed in white glass bottle, weight 0.35l

Filet anchovies in oil in different gram of vases - 20 ton/month

Anchovy filet marinated in vasketa and in plastic buckets - 30 ton/month

Mussels in bowl with juice and frozen mussels - 20 ton/month
GRAIN LOADERS – are intended for loading and unloading operations of any kinds of grain, legumes and oil crops, mechanical shoveling and forming of grain loops on open currents and grain storages, high-speed loading in vehicles with high sides.
LIFT UNIVERSAL LIFTER UNIVERSAL PNU-1.3 “Svarog” is designed for loading and unloading operations in agriculture and other types of work associated with the movement of different types of cargo. The main direction in the development of this unit is associated with facilitating the loading of mineral fertilizer spreader in bags of the type «Big-Bag».
A wide range of spare parts and components of its own production
Disintegrators shredders series CI are high-performance systems for deep grinding soybeans, soybean meal, cake, millet, husk, sugar, nuts, oilseeds and flour-based line. Grinding is carried out by high (150 m/s) speed collision of particles of material that disintegrates on impact crushing surfaces of disintegrant - hardened fingers spaced rows of circles with different radius and a common center of the rotating disks.
  • Covers with fitting for low-oil and SF6 circuit-breakers;
  • Hollow insulators designed for: current transformers, high-voltage oil-filled entrance bushing, coupling capacitors, potential dividends, oil and air circuit breakers, valve surge arresters, electrostatic precipitators, DC surge arresters;
  • Reinforced support and stick-support insulators, some of which are «М» marked and used for completing disconnectors, circuit-breakers, bus line insulation, surge arresters, bus line supports;
  • Bushing insulators for indoor and outdoor installations;
  • Reinforced bushing insulators for switchgear and control gear;
  • Non-reinforced bushings of ИПТ type for dismountable transformer bushings;
  • Line post insulators for insulating and fastening wires on overhead transmission lines as well as in distribution plant of electric power stations and substations;
  • Tubes for high-voltage quartz sand fuses;
  • Insulators for railway and electric transport;
  • Ceramic acid-resistant packings for filing-in packed column and other heat-and-mass transfer apparatuses (cylindrical and saddle packings)
High quality turkey meat.  Products are certified under the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certificate) and Halal.

Turkey Breast Fillet, Turkey Thigh (boneless, skinless), Turkey Thigh, Turkey Drumstick, Turkey Wing (prime wing + midwing), Turkey Prime Wing, Turkey Mid Wing, Whole Turkey.
Frozen (-18°C); 10-12 kg cartons (variable weight)

  • Calibrated frozen whole chicken weighing 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400g
  • Calibrated frozen whole chicken weighing 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000g
  • Chicken breast fillet halves
Annual capacity of the poultry house - 14 mln chickens
LLC “GOODGRAINOIL” to offer potential buyers the best conditions of supply of quality sunflower and soybean oil and meal on CPT terms, FOB, CIF in bulk and flexi-tanks.
100% Ukrainian sunflower oil on CIF Durres, DAP Tirane.