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Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
Musai Olive Oil Ltd.

Produced with the assistance of the Albanian Association of Organic Agriculture.

Our extra virgin oil is produced from natural Kalinjot olives from the Skrofotina, Cerkovina and Trevllazer hills near Vlora and is harvested and processed in accordance with best manufacturing practices.

The qualitative and nutritional ingredients of this oil follow European standards.

Taste           -  Natural fruit, slightly bitter

Color           - Green to Yellow

Acidity         - 0,4 %

Aroma         - Intensive fresh fruit

Pressing      - Cold

Contact person : Bardha Qokaj (en/shq)
Contact phone : +355 67 604 52 40

The product

Musai Olive Oil Ltd produces high quality virgin and extra virgin olive oil. Our product is certified as organic (bio) by the Italian Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (ICEA). This enables the company to export the olive oil to the USA and South East Europe markets. Because of our high quality reputation Musai Olive Oil is exporting to Swiss market and in New York.

In the domestic market, our product is aimed at medium and high market segments. We sell our olive oil as consistent the “MUSAI” brand name. Consumers perceive our olive oil as consistent in quality  which is confirmed by our stable network of clients.

Musai Olive Oil Ltd. extra virgin olive oil is of low acidity: lower than 0.6% . The company uses the native Kalinjot native olive variety, which is processed in the the cold pressing methodology that enables the olive oil to retain most of its health benefits.

During 2010 the owner of the factory has made new investments to improve the working area according to the European standards. The implementation of the new technology has increased four times the production capacity to meet the consumer’s needs.


  • Extra virgin olive oil of superb quality
  • Certified internationally as a bio product by ICEA
  • Well packaged products of 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 Litre dark/professional glass bottles


We have been producing quality olive oil for over 16 years. A focus on maintaining high quality and good knowledge of organic production have ranked us as one of the best olive oil producers in Albania. We are proud of what we have achieved but eager to advance further.

The company

Musai Olive Oil Ltd is one of the highest quality olive oil producers in Albania since 1995. It is managed by Vesaf Musa and it is located in the southern district of Vlora. The main focus of the company has been high quality olive oil: our product is certified by ICEA as organic olive oil. The company processes only organically grown olives from Vlora, one of the richest areas in the olive groves in country. We have continuously improved our Oliv Oil facility and product quality over the past 16 years. With equipment supplied by Alfalaval, the leading Italian supplier, Vesaf Musa has upgraded Musai Olive Oil Ltd production capacity and increased its output. Currently, Musai Olive Oil Ltd can produce up to 100 tons of oil in a season (October-December) and tis equipment can process up to 1000kg olives per hour.

Our company is a member of the Association for Organic Agriculture and it cooperates actively with business associations, development projects and consultants. Constant learning and excellence in quality characterize Musai Olive Oil Ltd.

Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
Skrofotine, Vlore – Albania
Bardha Qokaj (en/shq)
Contact phone : +355 67 604 52 40
Contact E-mail : center@albania-export.com