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Albania - Atlas SH.A, BUY milling wheat, feed corn

Atlas SH.A
Atlas SH.A
Atlas SH.A
Atlas SH.A
Wheat is the base for the mills of Atlas. In Atlasmills, our main goal is to provide highly qualitative material.
We buy milling wheat, that complies with GAFTA standard parameters and additional parameters for our evaluation.

Contact person : Bardha Qokaj (en/shp), Galyna Perepelytsia (en/ua/ru)
Contact phone : +355 67 604 52 40

GAFTA parameters:

  • Protein content: 12,5% min
  • Test weight: 78 kg/Hl min
  • Moisture: 14% max
  • Falling Number: 250 sec min
  • Wet Gluten: 26% min
  • W: 200 min
  • Foreign matters: 2% max


Additional parameters:

  • Stability: 5 minutes min
  • Extensograph: 45’ 500-150, 90’ 530-145, 135’, 550-140
  • AU: 700 min

From time to time when the premium between 12,5 protein to higher grade is small i.e. 13,5% protein or 14,5% protein we prefer to buy higher grade.

Feed corn, the parameters are:

  • Moisture: 14% max
  • Foreign matters: 2% max
  • Broken kernels: 5% max
  • Damaged grains: 2% max

Preferable delivery terms on C.I.F. Durres

Atlas has been one of the biggest flour producers and has been influencing the Albanian market since its establishment in 2004.It is our duty to bring to the customer not only the best grain elaboration, but also the insurance of quality of what they will consume, at affordable prices for every family .From the Chief Executive Officer to the simplest worker, we take full responsibility of providing and serving to the market the best products, certified by the highest European Standards.

Distributors ATLAS

In response to the high demand for products and in order to stay close to the customers' needs, our company has launched, immediately after its creation, Atlas distribution with private distributors in Albania. At the beginning we distribute our kinds of flour to the distributors in Korca and Vlora then we continued with the territorial coverage of almost all of the country . Sorted North-South, you can find at following list of the distributors we work with and there you can find our products.

The key feature of our philosophy is to produce high quality and durability flours; quality control is an essential part of the production process.



Atlasmills industrial facilities include:

  • A storage capacity of 10.320 tons of wheat in silo
  • A storage capacity of about 500 tons of flour in silo
  • A warehouse with storage capacity of 350 tones

Atlas SH.A
Atlas SH.A
Road National Tiranë- Durrës, 6th km, Yrshek, Tiranë
Bardha Qokaj (en/shp), Galyna Perepelytsia (en/ua/ru)
Contact phone : +355 67 604 52 40
Contact E-mail : center@albania-export.com