HOTLINE :      +355 67 604 52 40      e Hë - e Pr  8:00  - 18:00
ADRESA :   Rr. "Gjin Bua Shpata", Pallatet e Aviacionit të Vjetër, Shk. 4, Kati i I, Ap.16, Tiranë


Country : Albania
Adress : ish Frigoriferi i Madh, Elbasan
E-mail contact : nettunoshpk@gmail.com
Telephon contact : +355 69 541 2285
Company site : http://nettunoshpk.com

Nettuno Sh.p.k. is the world class and licensed fish company, that has years of work, experience and professionalism. We have done our marketing research and being one of the leading fish businesses in Europe, we are able to source for the best hands and machines to run the company with.

The fish processing plant will be fully handled by Mr. Giuzepe Orlando who is the world class expert with 40 years of experience in the fish and seafood aquaculture industry. Our family name Orlando is well known all over the Europe, they say that in our veins is not blood but fish. The biggest Italian anchovies processing plants are managed by members of our family. And our reputation, level of expertise, heritage, 100 year family business, networking, knowing of the market for sure can guarantee the success.

Everything we do will be guided by professional ethics and our values, which are history, quality, professionalism, sustainability, commitment. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely.