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ADRESA :   Rr. "Gjin Bua Shpata", Pallatet e Aviacionit të Vjetër, Shk. 4, Kati i I, Ap.16, Tiranë

LEA - 2011 ltd

Country : Albania
Adress : Shenavlash, 2000 Durres
Contact face : Ardian Çitozi
E-mail contact : lea2011shpk@gmail.com
Telephon contact : +355 68 40 21 733
Lea-2011 Ltd since 8 years performs an economic activity of import-export of fruits and vegetables, such as chestnut, watermelon, orange, blueberry, strawberry, onions, potatoes, beans, etc. Its main activity is concentrated more on exports of chestnut, watermelon, blueberry, potato, beans.

CHESTNUTS: Chestnuts, belongs to the group of nuts, but unlike nuts and almonds, contains lower fat and is the only one of this group that contains vitamin C. Chestnuts contain many minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. It also contains vitamins B group, as well as vitamins A, C. Since the chestnut is rich in potassium, it helps in the treatment of kidney disease and blood. Wild chestnuts, fruit and bark or her, have broad application of alternative medicine. PACKAGING: Chestnuts arrive in the magazine and there comes calibrated with the calibrator being divided into small and large. Then they are packed in big bags which have a large capacity of 1 ton of several kilograms, and using of a machine called fork they are transported inside, later reaching the client destination. Another way is through packaging chestnut some in red bags, which have a capacity of approximately 30 kilograms. We can enter truck 21,22,23,24, or 25 pallets.

WATERMELON: Regarding the activity of watermelon, Lea-2011 Ltd buys seeds of watermelon in foreign markets, in this case imports of watermelon seeds. Watermelon seeds are planted in the ground and after a certain time are ready to be collected. Using the tractors, they reach the warehouse, are packed, and the product is ready for export. Unlike chestnut, watermelon is packed in large cardboard boxes, and in a truck can be introduced 53,54 or 55 cartoons.